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About us

Starting in small office with 2 employees, Auto Lot USA now has more than 30 employees, day by day, Auto Lot USA adds its business areas and geographical territories where our services are served. Good example of increasing of our business that is the rising number of sold cars which we think is the best positive feedback of our hard work.

Our vision is to do proper business, satisfy every buyer and transform the online car shopping experience into enjoyable easy process.

Doing business properly is not the only one vision or core value of Auto Lot USA. We are also trying our best to make a positive impact on society and whole planet every day through charity, assistance compliance, economic growth and environmental responsibility. We firmly believe that exemplary performance and dedication are crucial to fulfilling Auto Lot USA mission, vision and core values. We strive daily to exceed the expectations of our valued stakeholders.

Our mission is to ensure a safe and legal business route for American used cars to the global market.


Core Values of Auto Lot USA are

Passion for Excellence – To be the best, all the time.

Always focus on customer – We ensure every customer is satisfied.

Teamwork – All departments are always in good collaboration which helps us to delivery cars in fast and organized way

Integrity – Our employees are professional, honest and ethical.

Willingness to Grow – We continuously enlarge the list of countries when we ship cars overseas. We are always increasing

We are part of Earth – Auto Lot USA cares about global problems that our Earth is facing

a) encourage people to buy electric cars; hereby, we will have low emission (in some cases zero) rate .

b) we do not sell cars with high emission rates which will have small impact on solving problem of Global Warming

c) we actively participate in social and charity programs, and part of our profit is always spent on solving problems

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