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How to Buy

How to buy cars from website.

Buying procedures from website is simple and easy. The first step is registration. You can register by clicking this link: Register

Just enter your Name Surname, and email address. After filling that information and completing registration, you will get a notification to your mentioned email address.

The second step of buying process from our website is choosing a car. If you want to buy a car form our website, you need to make reservation of the car you chose. You can reserve the car by clicking “Buy Now” button.  Just simply transfer $199 US dollars from your Debit or Credit card (we accept Master and Visa cards) and so, you will reserve a car for one week. After reservation and sending 199 US dollars using your Debit or Credit card, you will receive in a day an invoice from our specialists. After receiving invoice with all bank information, calculations, and with stamp and signature, a customer will have 5 business days to complete the rest of the payment.

The $199 that you will pay for reservation, will be deducted from the price of the car.

If you have questions regarding buying procedures, please contact with us or call +1 313 306 0566 and manage problem with sales managers.

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